Vacuum Pumps Market Is Anticipated To Reach A Value Of US$ 1,415 Mn By 2031

The vacuum pumps market is expected to reach a value of US$ 1,415 Mn by 2032, with a market value of US$ 719.09 Mn in 2022 and a positive CAGR of 7% from 2022 to 2032.
Significant developments are expected to boost growth in the semiconductor and electronics sectors. However, with the rise of smart cities and the proliferation of IoT applications in recent years, its scope has expanded significantly. Simultaneously, vacuum pumps are widely used in electronics and semiconductors, packaging, oil and gas, and chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Competitive Landscape

Strategic collaborations enable manufacturers to increase production and meet consumer demand which will increase revenue and market share. New products and technologies will enable end-users to benefit in various industries.

  • In July 2021, Leybold introduced two new vacuum technologies based on dry screw vacuum pumps: the DRYVAC DV 500 and DV 800. A screw-type machine compresses completely dry, eliminating the necessity for lubrication. Its particle and condensate compatibility, which reduces the operating costs, makes screw vacuum pumps more efficient.
  • Likewise, in February 2021, ADVIK acquired Hanon Bangalore Operations from Hanon Systems, which specialized in vacuum pumps and water pumps. As a result, ADVIK is expanding its expertise in Vacuum Pumps and Water Pumps for passenger cars.

Key Takeaways from the Market Study

  • Global vacuum pumps market to be valued at US$ 719.09 Mn by 2022-end
  • Regenerative vacuum pumps to be highly preferred, surging at an 8% value CAGR
  • Dry vacuum pumps to accumulate a value share of US$ 360 Mn by the end of 2032
  • Applications in the chemical & petrochemical industry to flourish at a CAGR of 7.5%
  • Gas transfer vacuum pumps to account for nearly 3 out of 5 sales until 2032
  • U.S to account for 86% of global vacuum pumps market revenue
  • Germany to expand at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2032
  • China to accumulate a revenue share worth 45% across the assessment period

 “Ascending demand from the electronics and semiconductor industry is expected to boost consumption of vacuum pumps throughout the forecast period,” says a Fact.MR analyst.

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Key Market Segments Covered in the Vacuum Pumps Industry Report

  • By Pump Type
    • Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps
      • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
      • Rotary Screw Pumps
      • Rotary Root Pumps
    • Dry Vacuum Pumps
      • Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps
      • Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps
      • Dry Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
      • Dry Clan & Hook Pumps
      • Others
    • Centrifugal Vacuum Pumps
    • Momentum Transfer Vacuum Pumps
      • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
      • Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps
    • Regenerative Application Vacuum Pumps
  • By Lubrication
    • Dry Vacuum Pumps
    • Wet Vacuum Pumps
  • By Application
    • Vacuum Pumps for Assembly
    • Vacuum Pumps for Conveying
    • Vacuum Pumps for Dehydration/Drying
    • Vacuum Pumps for Engine Testing
    • Vacuum Pumps for Evaporation & Distillation
    • Vacuum Pumps for Filling
    • Vacuum Pumps for Holding/Chucking
    • Vacuum Pumps for Manufacturing
    • Vacuum Pumps for Material Handling
    • Vacuum Pumps for Thermoforming
    • Vacuum Pumps for Other Applications
  • By Mechanism
    • Gas Transfer Vacuum Pump
    • Gas Binding Vacuum Pump
  • By Pressure
    • Rough Vacuum Pumps (10.3 mbar-1 mbar)
    • Medium Vacuum (Pumps 1 mbar-10-3 mbar)
    • High Vacuum Pumps (10-3mbar-10-7 mbar)
    • Ultra-High Vacuum Pumps (10-7 mbar-10-12 mbar)
    • Extreme High Vacuum Pumps (less than 10-12 mbar)
  • By Flow
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 85 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 150 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 550 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 1500 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 4500 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 8500 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 15000 ACFM
    • Vacuum Pumps Upto 17000 ACFM
  • By End Use Vertical
    • Vacuum Pumps for Aerospace & Defense
    • Vacuum Pumps for Automotive
    • Vacuum Pumps for Chemical & Petrochemical
    • Vacuum Pumps for Electronics & Semiconductors
    • Vacuum Pumps for Food & Beverage
    • Vacuum Pumps for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
    • Vacuum Pumps for Mining & Construction
    • Vacuum Pumps for Oil & Gas
    • Vacuum Pumps for Packing
    • Vacuum Pumps for Power Generation
    • Vacuum Pumps for Other End User Verticals

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