Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market – Applications Insights by 2026

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Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market Insights

Sulfur being one of the most abundant element present, which is found in fossil organic material after carbon and hydrogen. Presence of sulfur in petroleum (crude oil and natural gas) is non – essential as it is not a necessary component for the formation of petroleum. Sulfur guard catalyst have been used to remove impurities in form of sulfur from hydrocarbon streams. Exclusion of sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon feedstock is one of the most crucial criteria for further processing of the hydrocarbons making sulfur guard an essential part of the process. Growth in oil & mining industry has boosted the demand for the sulfur guard catalyst market. Sulfur in considerable amount is a poison, which can be harmful to lot of catalytic conversion units in the refinery, especially in those that apply valuable metal catalysts.

Rising prices of the crude oil has impacted the market positively of sulfur guard catalyst market. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent North Sea crude (Brent Crude) are the two major traded crude oil, WTI is sweeter in comparison to Brent Crude and has sulfur content of upto 0.24 percent. In normal market, price different between WTI and Brent Crude Hovers somewhere around a $2.5 to $4.0 premium for WTI versus Brent due to the lower sulfur content of WTI. Sulfur guards catalyst helps to purify the hydrocarbon for a better processing without any risk of corrosion and harmful reaction.

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Global Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market Scenario

North America and MEA region are the prominent regions for the sulfur guard catalyst market. Sulfur guard catalyst market is expected to translate a moderate CAGR during the forecast period. Demand for sulfur guard catalyst is likely to increase in APEJ. North America with rising numbers of oil rigs expected to be one of the largest market for sulfur guard catalyst. Due to fueling demand from oil & gas refineries for the purification of hydrocarbons from sulfur, Europe is forecast to gain decent market share in the sulfur guard catalyst market. Leading manufacturers of sulfur guard catalyst are mainly positioned in APEJ, MEA and North America attributed to high-profit aspects due to the enormous customer base. Significant presence of local manufacturers as compared to international players for the sulfur guard catalyst makes the market unorganized.

Sulfur guard catalyst will observe a Nobel CAGR in rising economies due to abundant of local players. Also, Japan and CIS & Russia are expected to contribute significant share to the sulfur guard catalyst market.

Global Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market: Dynamics

Increasing production of oil & gas from the Permian basin is seen to rise significantly since 2011, which is expected to gain traction for the sulfur guard catalyst market. Rising concern with the quality of crude oil has crafted opportunity for the sulfur guard catalyst market. Paying a premium for oil with less sulfur content has been observed, which has gained the attraction of sulfur guard catalyst manufacturers. During 2010 until Q3, 2014 brent prices saw a healthy growth but prices dropped up to $20/barrel, whereas WTI prices are bullish in the short term forecast, but are highly volatile. Such changing factors and situations has created demand for the sulfur guard catalyst.

Global Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market: Segmentation

Sulfur guard catalyst market is segmented by particle size, feed type and by region. By particle size, sulfur guard catalyst market is segmented into 0 to 3 mm, 3 – 5 mm and above 5 mm. By feed type, sulfur guard catalyst market is segmented into crude oil, natural gas and others. Geographically, the global sulfur guard catalyst is segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, CIS & Russia, Asia Pacific except Japan and the Middle East Africa. Rising demand from oil and gas industry has pushed the sulfur guard catalyst market. Sulfur being highly reactive and can lead to corrosion, if present with the hydrocarbons, filtration of sulfur has created opportunity for sulfur guard catalyst market.

Global Sulfur Guard Catalyst Market: Key Players

While the leading players are mainly based in North America, MEA and APEJ, however they are focusing on expanding their presence from untapped market like APEJ and Japan. Key players operating in the global sulfur guard catalyst market include BASF SE, Clariant AG, Royal Dutch Shell, Axens technology, Dork Fetal, Johnson Matthey, Honeywell Inc. and others.

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