Finnish-based Dairy Company Acquires Infant Formula Export License for China

Finland-based dairy company Valio has acquired the license for exporting its infant formula to China. The newly acquired permit will allow Valio to export ready-to-feed liquid infant formula, produced at its Turenki Plant, and powdered infant formula produced at the Lapinlahti plant to China.

Valio already has a consolidated presence in the Chinese market and has been exporting its demineralized Valio whey powders and milk powders to China for almost two decades. Milk powders imported from Finland have been a key ingredient for baby food in China. The Lapinlahti plant which will be supplying the instant powdered formula became operational in 2014 and met all the stringent quality guidelines laid down by the Chinese authorities. Valio took a step further to expand its presence in the Chinese market when the company began exporting consumer-packaged milk powder to the country in 2017.

Valio’s category Senior Vice President, Jussi Mattson, revealed that the company is looking to consolidate its position in the Chinese market by building a consumer product market in the region. The company is negotiating with multiple potential clients in China in order to help the brand gain traction in the region. As the competition between dairy and baby food companies continues to intensify in China, Valio is banking on the purity and high-quality of its products to outdo the competitors in the market.

In 2010, the Chinese government restructured its export policies for imported food products and multiple Valio production plants have already been approved for the production of butter, cheese, and milk powder for the Chinese market. It took Valio four years to acquire the license for the Chinese market and the country attributes the success to the seamless cooperation between Valio and the Finnish authorities. The company stressed that Finnish authorities should continue to have enough resources to promote the exports of companies based in the country.

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