Yakult Commences its Operations in Denmark with the Launch of Zero-fat Probiotic Drink

Japan-based Yakult recently kick-started its commercial campaign in Denmark and announced the launch of its zero-percent fat probiotic in the country. Experts suggest the launch of the product is a marketing strategy to lure in new customers as the Japanese brand tries to expand its business in Europe. Yakult revealed that the company is aiming to sell over 1000 bottles in a day on an average throughout the year.

The company divulged that Denmark was found to be one of the best markets for probiotics in Europe according to a research Yakult conducted recently. The Japanese company already had an extensive network spread across 12 European countries before beginning its commercial campaign in Denmark. The prominent markets that the company operates in include Germany, Spain, the UK, and Switzerland. Currently, Yakult is associated with six marketing and sales companies that sell its products in Europe.

Yakult revealed that the UK continues to stay the most profitable market for them claiming to have sold over 200,000 bottles on an average between January and September last year. The company divulged that the comprehensive success in the UK was a result of higher brand awareness that the company created through its campaigns and advertisements explaining the benefits of lactic acid bacteria.

The company is continuously working towards mimicking their success in the UK in other European countries as well. The Japanese company plans to develop brand awareness campaigns to overcome the regulatory challenges it is facing in Europe.

Unlike Japan, the use of “probiotics” term in Europe is not allowed. The regulation has been a major setback for the Japanese company who have been focusing their branding on the “probiotics” term in Japan. As a consequence of the regulation, the company has launched only a few products in the European market. In order to overcome the challenge, Yakult is planning to increase its brand awareness through public relations, advertisement, and scientific activities which broaden the understanding with regards to use of lactic acid bacteria in its drinks.

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