Swedish Wind Turbine Developer SeaTwirl partners with Colruyt and NorSea for Pilot Project

Sweden based SeaTwirl which specializes in the development of innovative floating vertical-axis offshore wind turbine, will work with partners who will help in installing and developing the scaled-up version of SeaTwirl technology.

Belgium’s Colruyt Group, Norway’s NorSea Group and Sweden SeaTwirl have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on financing, development and installation of SeaTwirl S2-1MW wind turbine.  The US$ 7.5 million planned investment depends on whether milestones are reached. When all the milestones are met, each of the new owners will own 19% of the company approximately.

SeaTwirl has much experience in the development of vertical axis turbines and was seeking a specific expertise and experience in operating and establishing offshore windfarms. The chairman of SeaTwirl Roger Cederberg said that having the Colruyt Group and NorSea Group as partners will take SeaTwirl to an entirely new level.

The firms have signed a letter of intent which clearly outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership increase in capital considering all diligent proceedings are met with both the partners. NorSea Group has years of experience in the marine and offshore operations and contributes phenomenally to the service, development and installation in sea.

Colruyt Group through its subsidiary Parkwind has built developed and operated European offshore windfarms since 2009 and now want to contribute further in the future growth and development of offshore wind.

The chief executive of NorSea Group John Stangeland said that the wind power industry will have to move offshore to further water depths which will make fixed-foundation turbines not feasible anymore while also reducing the cost of floating solutions.

SeaTwirl’s vertical axis wind turbine design less complex than other alternatives which can potentially improve the entire supply chain. He added that they are excited to join Colruyt Group and SeaTwirl to test and develop the SeaTwirl Pilot design.

The vertical axis wind turbine consists of a floating element and keel which is connected to a subsea structure through a tower. The subsea structure, tower and wind turbine rotate as one single unit. The tower consists of a static generator housing. The wind turbine and generator structure are moored to the seabed through catenary mooring lines.

The US Patent Office gave approval to SeaTwirl’s wind turbine technology in March 2019. The company considers patent protection of critical importance in such a large floating wind power market. The SeaTwirl MD Gabriel Strangberg said that it’s very important to protect the patents particularly in the US market.

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