Swedish Digital Healthcare Startup Engaging Care raises EUR2.5 million in Seed Funding

Swedish healthcare startup Engaging Care has raised EUR2.5 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by two venture capital firms based in Europe namely, Crowberry Capital and Connect Ventures. The company was founded by Charlotta Tonsgard and Annica Belfrage.

The company completed its pre-seed funding round in July last year with a EUR800,000 funding from European investors, Sophia Bendz(former marketing director of Spotify and partner at Atomico), Hampus Jakobsson ( cofounder of TAT and BlueYard Capital’s venture partner) and The Nordic Web Ventures by Neil Murray.

Engaging Care aims to digitize the healthcare system beyond the conventional medical record system. It is currently developing mobile apps and SaaS to allow healthcare providers to better communicate and connect to patients. The first product was launched late last year which is a communications platform allowing healthcare providers to interact and share information with patients in a secure manner.

The SaaS has already attracted several paying customers which use the platform for patients and healthcare professionals on a daily basis. CEO of Engaging Care Tonsgard said the interaction between patients and healthcare professionals is usually an analog activity. The company’s work is to create a platform for exchange of information by face-to-face meetings. The healthcare professionals are a very expensive and scarce resource, the platform makes sure that their time is not wasted carelessly.

Digital technology can offer a solution for this as digital tools like Engaging Care makes the knowledge of healthcare teams accessible to patients in an easier and faster way. This frees valuable time of healthcare professionals who are then free to spend time on more important things. The tool enables healthcare teams to collect and communicate their acquired knowledge with patients effectively.

Skane University Hospital’s Organ Transplant Unit uses Engaging Care to complement their face-to-face meeting sessions and the digital library is made available 24/7 to all patients. This empowers patients to make more informed decisions about their health and provides a greater level of autonomy.

Tonsgard adds that high workload is the major challenge before healthcare digitization. This can be addressed by releasing new features which lower the adoption threshold to make it simpler for professionals to carry out integration of tools in the day-to-day work.

The company believes that scalable and safe communication can increase the overall efficiency of healthcare system in the longer term along with helping patients to be more independent and aware about their own health.

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