Orkla Health to add MSC Blue Label on the Moller’s Fish Liver Oil Bottles

Norway’s leading cod liver oil producer, Orkla Health has pledged that it will display the Marine Stewardship Council’s blue fish label on the packaging of cod liver oil. The move comes in response to a recent study which revealed that depletion of fish species due to overfishing are the top concerns among consumers.

Orkla sells nearly 5 million Moller’s cod liver oil bottles every year in 20+ Asian and European markets. The bottles from 2019 onwards would bear a MSC blue label as the company aims to source 100% of its raw materials from sustainable sources by 2025.

Consumers all across Europe and globe are increasingly becoming conscious about the environmental consequences of their product choices. They are looking for seafood alternatives which are sustainably sourced.

A survey consisting 2800 fish oil and health supplements consumers from Sweden, UK, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Finland and Denmark showed that 46% consumers put depletion of fish species and overfishing among their top three concerns about wildlife, oceans and people while 64% of them called ocean pollution as their top concern.

58% of surveyed group of consumers said that they preferred packaging label to decide whether seafood and fish have been sourced sustainably or not. 72% of people who were aware of the MSC label enshrine a high level of trust in the label.

The CEO of Orkla Health, Hege Holter Brekke said that the MSC label gives vital contribution towards promoting sustainable fishing practices. The addition of the prestigious blue MSC label to all Moller’s cod liver oil bottles gives the company an opportunity to convey that the 160 year old brand’s product is sustainably sourced. He added that Orkla’s Moller’s oil is a liquid omega-3 based oil derived from Arctic cod liver. It’s an original Norwegian innovation which was developed by pharmacist Peter Moller with his exceptional knowledge and passion in 1854.

Moller’s oil has been sourced from cod fisheries in Norwegian archipelago Vesteralen and Lofoten since 1854. The oil is a produced as a bi-product from Arctic cod. Norway North East Arctic cod fishery received first MSC certification in 2010 and it was renewed in 2015.  The certification means that Moller’s oil complies with all 28 indicators set as sustainable fishing standard by MSC.

The chief program officer at MSC, Nicolas Guichoux commended Orkla’s effort and commitment and said that MSC certified fish oil products in the global market has doubled in last five years mainly because brands understand the need to appeal to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

He added that they hope Orkla will be followed by other supplement producers by committing to use certified and traceable fish oil from fisheries which have pledged to safeguard our seafood supplies and oceans for future generations.

Orkla Health is a subsidiary of Norwegian conglomerate Orkla ASA with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Orkla Health is leading food supplement supplier in the Nordic regions with 160 years of experience. Some of the best known brands by the company include Nutrilett, Pikasol, Litozin, Maxim and Moller’s.

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