OnRobot acquires Blue Workforce Assets and Developers

A robotics company which made collaborative robots, Blue Workforce A/S has been acquired by another robotics company OnRobot A/S. OnRobot is an Odense, Denmark based company claiming to be a one-stop-destination for end-of-arm tooling.

The gripper maker company OnRobot is a result of a merger between three companies namely Perception Robotics, OptoForce and On Robot. They later acquired Purple Robotics and raised more funding. CEO of OnRobot Enrico Krog Iversen announced that they have successfully completed the integration of all the merged companies. He added that they have rebranded and opened technical support sales offices in Europe, South Korea and Japan.

Blue Workforce, the Aalborg, Denmark based company filed for bankruptcy after failing to raise sufficient funding. The company made robots for food and agricultural processing applications. Now OnRobot has acquired the company and hired all 12 of his developers. The value of the acquisition deal was not disclosed.

The CEO of Blue Workforce Preben Hjornet had expressed hope that the company’s Ragnar robot and other valuable asset would find an interested buyer.

Iversen stated that they saw a good opportunity to expand the company’s product portfolio with some incredible technologies including vision and soft gripping technologies. Soft gripping tech refers to solutions which can delicately handle foods and items without damaging them and vision technologies refers to camera-enabled solution to inspect production lines.

He added that they currently have only nine different products which they wish to expand to reach 40-50 different products sensors, grippers, vision and other technologies to enable collaborative robotics in the next 21 months. By the 2020 year end, they expect to have a complete product range for collaborative robotics solutions.

The company wants to integrate all the Blue Workforce tools, products and inventory to its own development department. The developers will be based in the Aalborg office. OnRobot has employs around 145 people worldwide.

Iversen says that they want to become global supplier for collaborative robotics. Users need to go multiple companies and they also take a long time to develop and build. OnRobot is trying to help integrators. The application or the system creates the value not the robot itself. Besides Universal Robotics, OnRobot integrates with nine other brands.

The new Gecko gripper made by OnRobot recently won awards at the Annual Hannover Messe awards in Germany and also at New York’s Edison Awards Gala. They are working on more in-house development with 50 engineers on-board.

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