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Norwegian Maritime IoT Company, ScanReach will demonstrate the new IoT based Ship Safety Technology at Nor-Shipping 2019 Conference

ScanReach, a maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway, has created a low power and smart IoT microsensor system which the company claims, will transform the shipping industry worldwide. The new microsensor system called In:Range will be revealed at Nor-Shipping 2019 Ocean Conference.

The In:Range system will enable a robust emergency response system through which the whereabouts and condition of all persons and crew members on-board can be tracked in real time. The system is based on transmission of sensor-based data through steel. The ScanReach system can also access inaccessible void spaces and compartments on an offshore asset or ship by using sophisticated protocols and algorithms and combination of frequency control.

The In:Range system is an example of smart shipping which can wirelessly transmit and monitor ship operating data in real-time to a special control room or control unit. The technology has potential to save many lives at sea as it will provide detailed information about the movements and whereabouts of crew members and persons on-board. The platform will be a pioneering approach to digitally empowered shipping worldwide.

The chief business development officer at ScanReach, Grieg Eide said the technology will be the most disruptive safety technology in the world to be ever deployed on a ship or offshore asset. He added the 100,000+ ships and other offshore assets in the world will benefit from the plug-and-play, wireless microsensor system which promises to save lives and assets in sea.

The system can be installed on any ship without expensive installation and cabling cost.  Wearable personnel tags containing microsensor will be given to all individual crewmembers to wear at all times. In case any emergency situation arises, the microsensor can transmit their condition and location to the central unit and any absence will be noted and addressed immediately. All the tagged individuals on-board including vessel passengers, offshore workers, contractors and seafarers would become visible at any time and in any condition. Eides asserts that imagining a new emergency response system and safety reality at sea is not only plausible but probable also.

The IoT microsensor system In:Range is a product of 30,000 hours and five year long extensive research and testing. ScanReach has selected the Nor-Shipping 2019 Ocean Conference for the launch of the new offering. The conference convenes in Lillestrom and Oslo in June every year. The ScanReach team will exhibit the new technology at the new Blue Economy hall. The company said that the Nor-Shipping platform will be a great opportunity for the team to showcase the technology’s capabilities to leading decision makers in the maritime and ocean industry. 

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