Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries has Grant 3 Development Licenses to Mowi for the Development of Offshore Salmon Research Center

Norwegian seafood company Mowi has received three licenses from Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries for the development of ‘Blue Revolution Center’. The center is planned to be a huge research station where research work will be carried out to develop new technologies for offshore salmon farming.

Mowi, along with University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and SINTEF, a Norwegian research firm applied for six development licenses to the government agency. The licenses were worth 4680 metric tons of biomass, of which only half has been awarded. Mowi said that it will be appealing to the Directorate of Fisheries (DoF) for the rest of the licenses.

SINTEF Ocean’s Arne Fredheim said that there are many impediments in the adoption of newer methods of aquaculture, which requires new research. He added that, the center will carry out new research which will prove beneficial to the entire fish farming industry. He hopes that new research will help them produce more food from the sea in a sustainable manner.  

Dean of NMBU Anne Storset said that there is enormous potential in offshore fish farming but the potential has never been realized owing to the lack of knowledge in the field. The new center will carry out research on genetics and nutrition and will be testing a number of technological solutions.

The project manager at Mowi Anders Saether said that the project will be instrumental in pushing the Norwegian aquaculture industry in sustainable direction. Norway’s DoF stated that technical solutions and research in aquaculture in more exposed areas will benefit the industry to achieve its long-term goals.

Alongside, Mowi has gained 6 development licenses for building five units with total capacity of 3120 tons of biomass. The designer Hauge Aqua and Mowi applied for approval to change the material in the ‘’egg’’ concept which was later rejected by DoF. The company has appealed the decision.

The company said that as it applied for 6 development licenses and received only three, it’s not really sure about whether to go ahead with the project or wait for the approval of the appeal decision. It added that the final decision will be based on finding an appropriate site for the project.

The company has appealed to the DoF after it’s ‘’Ship’’ concept and ‘’Beck Cage’’ concept were rejected by the agency. The application for the ‘’AquaStorm’’ concept is still pending before the DoF.

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