Nokia’s 5G Mixed Reality Testing Lab makes Deployment of Vast MIMO Deployment Faster

Nokia is accelerating 5G deployment and increasing its cost-efficiency with the company’s latest 5G virtual testing environment whose patent is still pending for approval.

The company is trying to stimulate the performance of its vast MIMO antenna beamforcing by combining the capabilities of an edge virtual environment with physical testing in the company’s Oulu, Finland based over-the-air validation area.

The complexity of antennas becomes even more complicated by the use by 5G because of the huge number of deployments on site and algorithms that have to be put in place for optimal efficiency.

The 5G testing lab of the company is unique environment where it combines Virtual Reality and over-the-air physical test environment for testing and verifying antenna’s optimal site locations for operators. Nokia’s patent-pending technology stimulates a variety of physical environments for improving both performance and accuracy of 5G MIMO beamforcing in the real world.

The lab is being used for verifying the massive performance gains from ReefShark chipset and also to test components of ReefShark in radio systems as their deployments are beginning to accelerate. The test lab facilitates the development of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence which are necessary for maximizing the spectral efficiency and capabilities of mMIMO antennas.

The lab is a unique environment as it combines the physical and virtual world to make a mixed reality environment. The lab serves as a powerful tool to undertake massive real-world MIMO deployment. The technology is being leveraged by many leading 5G operators like Finland’s Telia.

Telia’s head of Network Development and Architecture, Timo Hietalahti said that Telia is a leader in the development of 5G technology in Europe. Nokia’s mixed reality unique lab environment enables us to identify challenges in 5G network planning early and to respond to them faster. The lab is a huge step forward as it enable testing of network optimization and implementation and also product design.

Nokia’s president of mobile networks Tommi Uitto said that we are very proud to create a unique 5G mixed reality testing environment. The tests in city streets is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Nokia has managed to build an environment for where they can test the network as the mobile device moves around and antenna beams follow accordingly.

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