McDonald’s Launches Vegan McNuggets in Norway

American Fast Food Company McDonald’s is launching a vegan nugget in its Norwegian outlets. The new nugget will serve as an alternative to MacDonald’s classic chicken McNugget.

McDonald’s has not been a welcoming place for vegans as until 1990, even fries contained some form of meat. The fast food giant wants to change this by launching a vegan product. Vegan McNuggets have a similar look as all other McDonald’s familiar menu items. The crispy nuggets are coated by a breadcrumbs layer and fried until they turn golden brown.

Instead of using chicken meat for fillings, the nuggets are filled with plant-based ingredients which includes carrots, corn, onions, chickpeas and mashed potatoes. The vegan McNuggets will be currently available only in Norway as the country is host to huge number of vegan population.  If the product is successful in Norway, the company may launch the product in other parts of the world too. McDonald’s outlets in Norway also feature a vegetarian McFeast burger.

McDonald’s has gained fame for making tailored menus for specific international markets. The chain has made vegetable options available at some markets based on the food choices of its customers. The Indian customers of McDonald’s can choose a McAloo Tikki Burger made from peas and potatoes or McVeggie Sandwich. This is keeping in consideration that one fifth of Indian population is vegetarian.

Vegan McNuggets is not the first vegan product launched by McDonald’s as the fast food company offers customers a soya based McFalafel in Sweden and McVegan burger in Finland.

It is also experimenting with several vegan friendly food range. In January, McDonald’s launched a vegan friendly happy meal in UK which has Spicy Veggie Wrap made from breadcrumbs, sweetcorn and red pesto. The wrap came under severe criticism and scrutiny after many UK customers reported finding chicken inside the vegetarian wrap. Some people who claimed to be vegetarian for their whole lives were distraught to find chicken inside the so called vegetarian option.

McDonald’s issued an apology soon and expressed their disappointment about mistakes made in kitchen. The company said that although they have several procedures in place for avoiding inaccurate orders, they have nonetheless found mistakes in order. The company has introduced additional measures to ensure that such mistakes don’t occur again.

The growing vegan movement has urged major fast food companies to introduce vegan friendly options in recent years. Greggs made headlines for introducing a Vegan Sausage Roll recently.

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