IKEA launches Plant-based Vegan Oat-Milk for Coffee and a Vegan Buttered Roll

International furniture retail giant IKEA has launched a vegan buttered roll and oat milk dairy-free coffee. The furniture company has made these two dairy-free options available at the store restaurants. These options were provided by Naturli’ Foods, a Danish plant-based food company, which will now be available in all IKEA stores in Denmark.

The vegan butter has the same texture and feel like the traditional butter and is made from the blend of rapeseed oil, coconut, shea and organic almonds.

Naturli’ Foods wrote on a LinkedIn post, you can enjoy bread roll and coffee at IKEA Denmark with Naturli’ Organic Oat Drink and Naturli’ Organic Spreadable. They are easy to assemble.

The main specialization of Naturli’ Foods lies in dairy products such as butter, milk, ice cream, pea protein-based chicken, mince and sausages and more specially in vegan meat products. The company’s products can be found in all major supermarkets in countries such as UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and US.

Naturli’ website says, plant based food is not only good for animals, it is good for humans, good for the world. It further says that, Naturli’ products have no animal sources and the entire Naturli’ product range is 100% plant based.

The health claims of a plant-based diet is backed by a growing body of scientific research. There have been studies which show a lowered risk of chronic health conditions like type-2 diabetes and heart disease by following a plant-based diet. Animal agriculture is a major contributor of climate change and any reduction in meat consumption would lead to equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions.

IKEA is also on a mission to make a positive impact on the planet. The Swedish furniture retail giant is looking for more sustainable practices though growing on greens in hydroponic gardens, energy use and packaging.

IKEA started serving the strawberry-flavored soft serve ice cream at the company’s Bistro restaurants in Europe and soon plans to expand the same in USA. The company launched a meat-free hot dog in late 2018. Other products available at the IKEA restaurants include oat-milk smoothies, gelatin-free gummies, vegan Swedish meatballs, a sustainable caviar based on seaweed.

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