Growth and advancements of retail industry fuels the growth of thermal papers market

The retail industry has expanded rapidly in the last decade so does the need for keeping track of the goods — the rising number of retail outlet and supermarket in emerging economies due to the increasing urban population which is expected to remain a key driver for the thermal papers market in the forecast period. The use of thermal papers for printing of barcodes and logos are beneficial for retailers as the process does not require any amount of ink and have high resistance to chemicals and the external environment. Thermal papers are fulfilling the need of industry for fast servicing and accurate printing which is driving the demand in the thermal paper’s market. Use of thermal papers eliminates the need for ink thus reducing operational cost and improving the efficiency of the printing process. Thermal paper is an idle choice for printing of the labels, logos, and barcodes as it has high chemical and external environment resistant properties making it suitable for various products and industries while boosting the thermal paper’s market. Thermal papers have a particular type of coating which allows producing inkless printing. The coating changes color on application of heat and provides a sharp and clear image hence eliminating the need for ink or ribbons. The use of thermal prints is beneficial as they are faster than the other type of printers which reduces the service time for the counters. Thermal papers are light in weight and are more durable than the regular papers is some factors which contribute to the growth in the thermal paper’s market.

A recent Fact.MR study foretells the thermal papers market to record growth at 2.7% volume CAGR over the forecast period (2019-2027). Thermal papers market continues to witness increased traction in the end-use industry like retail industry, healthcare industry, packaging & labeling, printing & publishing pharmaceuticals, entertainment & transit and other.

Labeling and packaging of drugs- A way forward in medical and pharmaceutical industry

The rise in the sale of pharmaceutical products in the region is supporting the growth of labeling and packaging industry. The thermal papers cater to the need of labeling pharmaceutical products to provide information such as price, expiry date, and related information in brief. Moreover, the region is attracted by non-traditional outlets such as highway service area and forecourts for the use of thermal papers that are used for flexible packaging. Also, single-use packaging papers is an effective method to reduce cross-contamination and infection. Additionally, the use of printed thermal papers wristband in hospitals has always been high in demand as a part of patient identification.

  • For instance, hospitals in North America use the printed QR code that enables good scan ability and other brief information about the patient such as name and age on thermal papers wristband that has higher durability than laser printed wristband.

Increased clarity and high-definition images support growth of thermal papers

Adoption of thermal papers for labeling in a wide variety of products that require labels is rising considerably. Thermal papers manage to provide clear and sharper image through specialty coating in them. Use of thermal papers in labeling is growing in industries such as retail and healthcare.

  • For instance, thermal papers used in the healthcare industry for medical cardiograph can store images for a more extended period of around 3-5 years

Increasing usage of thermal papers at point of sale propel the demand of thermal papers

Specialty store, hypermarket and hospitality are a potential factor to the growth of point of sale across the region with grocery and food items. The factor attracts more point of sale devices, which ultimately give rise to thermal papers as a form of billing information which can store information for a more extended period. There is a great demand for labelling of packed foods and beverages with self-adhesive paper stickers, which are more cost effective and give high quality images with thermal paper prints.

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