Fuel Cell Based Breath Analyzers Sought After as Effective Tools, Account for Over 50% of the Market Share

According to a recently published report, the global breath analyzer market is anticipated to witness a significant rise in the revenue with a valuation of over US$ 800 Mn by the end of 2022. Increasing demand for detecting blood alcohol content (BAC) arising from the law enforcement agencies and medical professionals is projected to influence the sales of breath analyzers at the global level. BAC being the determiner for any medical procedure, medicine practitioners leverage the alcohol detector devices for measuring the BAC level in an individual, which in turn reduces the need for multiple blood sample tests.

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As per the market study, over two-third of breath analyzer market was procured by the active breath analyzers in 2017, owing to their efficiency to provide accurate BAC readings. Following the trend, the breath analyzer market is projected to enjoy a perpetual growth contributed by the active breath analyzers, by the end of 2022. Passive breath analyzers are simultaneously expected to gain momentum, though at a slower pace as compared to the former, which will reflect positively on the consolidated revenue share of the global breath analyzer market.

There has been a notable shift among the manufacturers of the breath analyzers to extend the analytical capabilities of their alcohol detecting devices. Presently, fuel cell technology partakes in the growth of more than 50% of the revenue procured by the global breath analyzer market. As compared to this steadfast demand for the fuel cell technology, semiconductor sensor technology is projected to witness a constant growth, which will participate in contributing over US$ 50 Mn to the global breath analyzer market share.

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As a part of the legislative actions, sales of breath analyzers has been on a surge, which is expected to procure about two-fifth of the global breath analyzer market share. In addition to this, breath analyzers worth US$ 200 Mn will be sold to the drug abuse detection authorities, owing to the prevalence of drug consumption among the millennial.

Breath Analyzer as an Evidence Tool in Court Trials to Aid North America Procure the Largest Market Share; Europe Next in Rank

In adherence to the stringent US laws, drivers detected with a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of over 0.08% are prosecuted. Soaring demand for the breath analyzers arising from the court proceedings on the grounds of the rising significance of breath analyzers as an evidence tool is expected to trigger the growth of the global breath analyzer market. Analyzing a host of these drivers, the North American breath analyzer market is envisaged to record a striking CAGR of 7.9% during the forecasted period.

Increasing incidences of alcohol consumption attributed to the wide availability of liquor in Europe, in concurrence to the ubiquity of cars as a primary mode of transportation, have resulted in large number of road mishaps. This has hard pressed the law enforcement authorities in the European countries to adopt breath analyzer, which is further predicted to contribute massively to the global breath analyzer market growth.

Competitive Landscape Prevailing in the Global Breath Analyzer Market

The market study lends an incisive view of the forerunning manufacturers engaged in renovating the global breath analyzer market. The leading manufacturers of the breath analyzer market profiled in this study comprehend Lingraphica, AK Global Technology, Dragerwerk AG, Toby Churchill Limited, Prentke Romich Company INC, Intoximeters, INC, Tobii Dynavox, Quest Products INC, Saltillo Corporation, Lifeloc technologies INC, Lingraphica, AlcoDigital, Lion Laboratories Limited, Ekips Technologies, Inc., Pas Systems International Inc, Alcolizer Pty Ltd., among others.

The recent developments and business strategies adopted by these companies are anticipated to fortify the growth of the global breath analyzer market by 2022 end. A decisive view on each of these players and their participation in the global breath analyzer market growth is encapsulated in the report.

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