Belt Scales Sales Surge in Line with Palpability of Electro-Mechanical Systems in Automation, finds Fact.MR

The report includes regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania and Middle East & Africa with country analysis. The report also includes emerging countries emerging countries in belt scale market such as China, India and Mexico. The segmentation of the Belt scale market includes idler type, weighing capacity and end-use industry. By weighing idler type global belt scale market is segmented into single idler and multi idler. By weighing capacity belt scale market is classified as Less than 1500 t/h, 1500 – 5000 t/h and More than 5000 t/h. By end-use industry, the Belt scale market is segmented into mining, food & beverages, cement, steel, logistic, energy & power and others.

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Consistent end-user demand for precision and accuracy in measurements has resulted in an inflow of technological innovations and developments in belt scale. One of such breakthroughs was the introduction of ‘optical belt scale’ that, with its next-level precise measurements, continues to gain traction across multiple end-user verticals. Integration of sensors and Ethernet in belt scale are two among the most-promising additions, which play a pivotal role in facilitating real-time measurements and establishing reliable protocols for information transmission. Moreover, crucial features such as drop-in installation, maintenance levels, and accuracy, are also being recalibrated to make the belt scale performance-ready for challenging operations.

Conveyor system is a part of mechanically operated material handling system that are primarily used to move various end products and raw materials from one part of the premises to others. Installation of efficient conveyor system helps to provide an effective and quick transportation solution with a high level of safety. This in turn helps to reduce considerable amount of material and end product’s cycle time across different industrial processes. Thus, increasing adoption of conveyor system across various storage, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution sectors is the primary factor anticipated to boost the market growth of belt scale during the forecast period.

Increasing demand for High Accuracy Belt scale escalates the demand for Multi Idlers

Dual Idlers, Triple Idlers, Quad Idlers, and others belt scale allow integrators to measure material over conveyor belts for the more extended period compared to single idlers and also provide utilization of more sets of load cells. Multi idlers provide better accuracy rate due to equal weight distribution with each additional idlers. In end-use industries where accurate sampling of the conveyor belt weight is extremely critical, multi idlers scale are used routinely. They offer outstanding accuracy for extremely fast moving belts or applications, including stationary conveyors, and portable conveyors lead to increases the demand of multi idlers belt scale over single idlers

Role of Electro-mechanical device in automation

Industry leaders in motion and control technologies are introducing electromechanical devices in automated manufacturing and production systems. Electromechanical devices, such as conveyor belts and belt sales, are rapidly replacing tradition automation systems, as fixed automation fails to meet the production flexibility requirements of a high-mix manufacturing environment.

Electromechanical devices and drive products are being employed in multiple applications where application-specific functionality is the primary focus. Furthermore, other benefits of electromechanical devices, such as reliable performance and precision motion control, along with production flexibility enable manufacturers to meet the changing needs of end-users from wide-ranging industries. Thereby, despite the high initial costs of electromechanical devices such as belt scale, they find a pivotal role in automation in a variety of end-use industries.

Rapid Growth in Food & Beverages increases the demand of bulk material handling equipment

Rapid growth of food and beverage sector across various parts of the world is one of the most important factor anticipated to create a better opportunity for various conveyor system manufacturers in the coming years. The food and beverage market requires continuous movement of products from one section or department of production line to another for the final completion of the product. Conveyor belts are primarily used for moving the unfinished products from one department to the other. With the increase in consumption of food and beverages, the manufacturing of products is also anticipated to increases for meeting the consumers’ demand, thus predicted to create huge demand for various conveyor system thus anticipate the global belt scale market. The food and beverage market requires continuous movement of products from one section or department of production line to another for the final completion of the product. This process of moving the unfinished products from one department to the other can be completed by the use of conveyor belts, stackers, elevators, movers, and other bulk material handling products. With the increase in consumption of food and beverages, the manufacturing of products also increases to meet the consumers’ demand, thus creating a demand for bulk material handling products. In addition to its growth, the food and beverage market is in elastic in nature and would create steady demand for bulk material handling equipment and supper the demand of belt scale globally.

In addition, exponential growth of the fertilizer industry is also predicted to drive the market growth of belt scale in the near future. Conveying products in the fertilizers and chemical industry requires control and precision. The conveyor system must provide dependable and durable transportation of products.

Global Belt Scale Market: Competition Dashboard

Fact.MR has profiled some of the most prominent company’s active in the global belt scale market. Some of the major companies operating in the Belt scale market analyzed Siemens AG, FLSmidth & Co. A/s, Schenck Process Holding GmbH, Merrick Industries Inc., Yamato Scales, Rice Lake Weighing System, ConveyWeigh, LLC, OJ:s Vågsystem AB, Control System Technology, Thayer Scales-Hyer Industries Inc., Tecnetics Industries Inc., Saimo Technology Pyt Ltd. among others.

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